How essential oils work in our body.

They manage to function in our body thanks to their complex and powerful chemical composition since they have a great diversity of molecules that confer different properties, being some of them more effective against bacteria and viruses; improving our immune system, our circulation, etc.

They can easily act in our body because they can penetrate our skin and, thus, enter the bloodstream and reach different organs.

How can essential oils be used?
Internally and externally.

– By Inhalation: Making vapors of hot water with a few drops of the chosen oil or, you can use an oil diffuser to be able to breathe little by little.

– By Ingestion: They can be ingested with other foods. However, keep in mind that they don’t mix in the water, so it’s better to take the indicated drops in a tablespoon.

– By Massages: This is one of the best-known ways to use them. Just apply the product on the skin to massage or scrub. This is a very useful way to use oils for muscle aches, relaxation, to improve circulation, to treat cellulite, among other uses.

– Baths: Adding a few drops of these products in the water when about to take a bath is another effective way, especially for relaxation and to soothe the skin. In this way oils act both by penetrating the skin, through a massage, and by inhalation.

– Gels, Creams and Lotions: Suitable for when you want to apply these products more commonly on the skin or hair. Adding a few drops of what we need in a cream, a gel, a shampoo or in a neutral lotion, we can benefit from essential oils properties in a simple way, and at the same time more hydration is given to the dermis or hair.  If you are looking for a good difuser, we recommend the best essential oil diffuser by In Essence Australia.