Picking The Right Venue For Your Event

Choosing the proper venue for your corporate meeting, event, conference or training is equally as important to your success as carefully planning the program of sessions or choosing speakers. The ideal place can mean the difference between a successful training and media experience or embarrassing delegates who keep their eyes on the exit. Which are the factors that may have an influence on your meeting’s success?


Here are 2 things to consider when choosing a small corporate conference venue in Melbourne


When you approach a place to find pricing, discuss the facts of the event and the actions you expect to provide to have a clear picture of all probable costs and fees. Ask what is included at the site fee. Are taxes and service included? Is there a set up or break down payment? Are there any fees for linens, chairs and tables? Are Wi-Fi and audio visual equipment contained or will there be an extra charge? Some places (including all IACC venues) offer comprehensive pricing, so be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.



Look carefully at the room to be certain it meets your event requirements. Is there a capacity limitation? If you …

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How to use Essential Oils

How essential oils work in our body.

They manage to function in our body thanks to their complex and powerful chemical composition since they have a great diversity of molecules that confer different properties, being some of them more effective against bacteria and viruses; improving our immune system, our circulation, etc.

They can easily act in our body because they can penetrate our skin and, thus, enter the bloodstream and reach different organs.

How can essential oils be used?
Internally and externally.

– By Inhalation: Making vapors of hot water with a few drops of the chosen oil or, you can use an oil diffuser to be able to breathe little by little.

– By Ingestion: They can be ingested with other foods. However, keep in mind that they don’t mix in the water, so it’s better to take the indicated drops in a tablespoon.

– By Massages: This is one of the best-known ways to use them. Just apply the product on the skin to massage or scrub. This is a very useful way to use oils for muscle aches, relaxation, to improve circulation, to treat cellulite, among other uses.

– Baths: Adding a few drops of these products

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How To Save On Electricity When Living in QLD

Living in Queensland, it’s easy to use a good deal of electricity, especially on cooling, and that’s the reason why thanks to Iselect we’ve compiled the top 5 ways to save money on your electricity bill. Lowering your energy intake means not only more money in your pocket, but also a reduced impact on our beautiful environment.   You can also compare our range of energy plans with iSelect.


When you’re going to use an appliance, it is better to ask yourself whether there’s a lower energy choice you might be using? Here is a few more tips, summarised in the Iselect website, for conserving electricity in your appliances:

  • Dry your clothes on the line since there’s not any lack of sunlight in Queensland!
  • When you’ve got another refrigerator, only turn it on if it is needed and set the refrigerator’s temperature to between 3 degrees and 5 degrees. For freezers, place them between -15 degrees and -18 degrees. If they’re put any lower than that and you’ll use around 5 percent more energy.
  • Check if your refrigerator door is sealed correctly by putting a strip of paper between the door and the refrigerator. If the paper can be
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Australia car rental

Car hire in Australia is one of the best ways to travel around. Many places have poor local transport or very hard to reach. Petrol is relatively cheap and car rental not expensive. A good idea with car hire is to rent in one location and drop in another location and easy to do using the car rental search box on the right. Do have a browse and search car hire using the search box as you will obtain discount car rental, no booking fee, no hidden charges and you can book without paying until you rent the car and so if things change easy to amend.

Australia accommodation is plentiful and cheap. From house swap holidays to hotels and backpacker hostels the standards are good. If you need accommodation in Melbourne have a look at this Melbourne Accommodation, some great deals can be had.

Australian restaurants and food are excellent, with great steaks and fresh fish often cooked beachside on the “barbie” or grill. Try ordering “bush tucker” in a restaurant; a platter of smoked emu, crocodile and kangaroo. Crocodile meat tastes like white fishy chicken and kangaroo is a tender lean red meat. Many restaurants are BYO, and …

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