Travel Advice

Australia Safety

Australia takes visitor and resident safety and security seriously. A stable democracy with a well resourced infrastructure means that visitors are unlikely to experience any problems. However there are some important areas where visitors can be endangered. In any emergency dial 000.

Beach Safety – THE BIG KILLER
Surf on beaches kills! Swim between the flags and never swim alone. Surf life savers are on duty at most beaches and will be very pleased to provide advice. If nobody is patrolling the beach do not enter the water. Sadly many visitors die on our beaches each year from drowning. Sharks are not the main danger drowning is!!!! In some areas of the tropical regions are dangerous due to crocodiles and jelly fish. Take local advice in the tropical regions, come beaches will have nets to protect you in the water.

We drive on the left in Australia. It is illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving, everyone in the car must wear seatbelts, and you must not drive with more than 0.05 grams per 100 millimetre of blood alcohol.

Speed limits vary across the states and must be kept to and are enforced. The big danger is the long distances which means people fall asleep at the wheel, PLEASE take a rest if you feel tired. It is a real killer. Do take care on the roads as sadly visitors each year die in accidents. If you hire a four wheel drive take care as accidents often happen with rolling. If you are overtaken by a road train maintain your speed and do not move off the road and only slow once the road train has moved out to overtake you.

Australia crime
As in all world cities there is a also a slight risk of street theft or crime on streets. The risk is low but be streetwise as you would be in any city. Crime is not a major problem in Australia and the police very responsive and alert to incidents. The emergency number in Australia is 000.

Air safety
Air safety is excellent and QANTAS is regarded as the world’s safest airline.

Call 000 for an ambulance in Australia.

Dangerous animals
Australia has some of the most dangerous creatures in the world but do not panic. The risks are very low indeed and where incidents occur often due to not being sensible.

Snakes do exist and will kill. If bitten do not move and seek help immediately and wrap the wounded area tightly. Spiders such as the funnel-web and redback can cause serious illness and death. Saltwater crocodiles are very dangerous and NEVER swim where they are found, they do kill!

Sharks do kill but the chances are very low indeed. If you swim on patrolled beaches the risk is reduced dramatically as patrols watch for sharks. Dingoes can be aggressive and dangerous for children.

The Irukandji jellyfish is nasty and can be killer. In the tropical areas beaches are netted and you swim inside the nets to avoid being stung. Beaches also have vinegar on them to be used if bitten.

Stingrays do kill and did kill Stever Irwin but for most people unless provoked they will go away.

The sun is to be avoided in Australia as it is very strong and can lead to skin canser. Remember the phrase Slip Slap and Slop where you slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on sunscreen