Australia Travel Guide

If you are planning Australia travel on what to see and where to go, you’ve come to the right place for Australia tourism. There is much for the tourist in Australia to do and Australia tourist attractions includes climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in an attractive grey jumpsuit? Or join the 2 million Australia tourists who visit the Great Barrier Reef. This is one mind-blowing experience, and truly one of the natural wonders of the world.

The Great Barrier Reef is like a colourful garden of anemones, corals and giant clams with vibrantly patterned fish the size of dinner plates right in front of your goggles. It is different from anywhere else on earth and a good reason to visit Australia. Most commonly tourists choose snorkeling or diving, but semi-submersibles give a great underwater view of the Great Barrier Reef, and keep your hair dry!

Other natural experiences with a great wow factor are the great rock ‘Uluru’ (Ayers Rock); surfing on Australia’s beautiful beaches; viewing the rainforest from a cable car or seeing kangaroos surf if you are really lucky during your visit to Pebbly Beach.

Species are becoming extinct before they have even been discovered. Doesn’t that blow your mind and make you realize you need to hurry? The uniqueness of Australian wildlife is part of its appeal. Check out some great holidays in Australia with Holiday Check and have a look at the Australia tours below and if you are looking for cheap travel insurance check out our rates and services, we are up to 50% cheaper than a travel agent.

English is the national language spoken in Australia, so for a large part of the world this is a great advantage. You can enjoy the TV and newspapers; ask for directions; catch the correct train and converse with the locals who are always friendly. You do however need some extra vocabulary as a tourist, such as boomerang, didgeridoo, kookaburra and koala.

When is the best time to visit Australia weather-wise? The answer is – anytime. Australia is so big that it spans several climates. In the north it can be hot and tropical. Melbourne has a Mediterranean climate, whilst Tasmania is temperate, like England. Also when North America and Europe are in the throws of winter, it is summer in Australia.

Travel to Australia to see a unique continent and a country. Whilst being the smallest continent, Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world. The majority of mainland Australia is an island, and that matters, because more than 80% of the flora and fauna can only be found here in Australia.