Choosing the proper venue for your corporate meeting, event, conference or training is equally as important to your success as carefully planning the program of sessions or choosing speakers. The ideal place can mean the difference between a successful training and media experience or embarrassing delegates who keep their eyes on the exit. Which are the factors that may have an influence on your meeting’s success?


Here are 2 things to consider when choosing a small corporate conference venue in Melbourne


When you approach a place to find pricing, discuss the facts of the event and the actions you expect to provide to have a clear picture of all probable costs and fees. Ask what is included at the site fee. Are taxes and service included? Is there a set up or break down payment? Are there any fees for linens, chairs and tables? Are Wi-Fi and audio visual equipment contained or will there be an extra charge? Some places (including all IACC venues) offer comprehensive pricing, so be sure you’re comparing apples to apples.



Look carefully at the room to be certain it meets your event requirements. Is there a capacity limitation? If you require breakout rooms, a point or a media area, find out whether the facility can accommodate. Frequently the spaces beyond the primary meeting room aren’t considered fully when assessing a place, but they’re crucial to delegate connections! How flexible is your floor area? Can rooms be shifted around if desired? You do not want your conference to appear half empty by renting a space intended for 300 in the event you have just 50 attendees, so choose spaces with this in mind.


If you’re looking for outdoor space, make certain to ask whether the deck, yard, patio or garden is available for your use and should they have WiFi! Do sponsors need another place, or can they be installed in the media space? Discuss all your plans with the site operator: he or she might have ideas about ways to accommodate your requirements that are not immediately apparent.