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Townsville is located in Queensland Australia. Townsville is viewed by many as the unofficial capital of North Queensland. A popular stop-off point for visitors to this area of the state. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, as well as the numerous attractions that Townsville to offer, has seen its popularity rapidly increase over recent years. Townsville lies in the heart of coastal Queensland, opposite the Great Barrier Reef. It grew from a relatively small settlement in the 1860s to encompass many smaller surrounding areas. The city played an active role in the Second World War, when American and Australian troops were stationed here to cover the effort in the Pacific. Japanese bombs were dropped in the Harbour in 1942 but there was little damage to the city.

Although the region is characterised by hilly terrain, the city itself is flat apart from a hill in the centre.


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Townsville Airport serves a number of domestic destinations but no longer handles direct international flights. As with most Australian cities, there are connections to the city centre, as well as scheduled bus services to some of the bigger resorts. You will need to book ahead as they don't run shuttles to all destinations all the time. The airport is fairly close to the city centre and there are plenty of taxis available.

Bus services are frequent around Townsville, however, if you're planning on exploring any further afield, it's probably a good idea to hire your own vehicle. This gives you far more flexibility and freedom.

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Townsville weather is tropical - but the city is located in the dry tropics.

The region has much lower rainfall than other tropical cities of the north and experiences an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. Summer months are usually hot and humid, with thunderstorms and rainfall averages 1143mm per year, with around 90 wet days.

Most of the rain falls in the wet season, between November and April. December is the hottest month with an average daily temperature of 25C and a low of 13C, but Coral Sea seabreezes late morning help to prevent extreme temperatures above 30C. read more about the weather in Townsville.

Townsville attractions are far ranging and include typical beach holiday activities, as well as all the amenities that a large city has to offer. The Townsville Museum offers an insight into the history and development of the city and is a good place to start for a flavour of Townsville.

One of the big draws of the city is its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and it is indeed a good base from which to take a reef cruise. Before you head off, visit The Reef HQ Aquarium.

This is the largest living coral reef aquarium and you can learn more about what you are likely to see on your diving trip. And, if all that wears you out, there are countless beaches to choose from where you can relax and soak up the sun.


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It would be a crime to come to north Queensland and not take full advantage of the spectacular climate to partake in your fair share of outdoor activities. Fortuitously, Townsville in the tropical north is packed with outdoors experiences to keep you out of mischief during your stay. If you are at all familiar with the high standards of Queensland’s beaches, then you will be impressed to learn that The Strand in Townsville has been repeatedly voted as Australia’s cleanest beach. Start the day with a relaxing stroll along the two kilometre stretch of sands belonging to The Strand. The beach here is lined with alfresco cafes where you can park yourself to enjoy a filling breakfast to prepare for the day’s activities.

Townsville island

Your first real stop for the morning is Magnetic Island, a 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville. Magnetic Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as you approach the island and take in the gigantic hoop pines and granite bays, you will be left in no doubt as to its importance to worldwide patrimony – it is simply a natural wonder. The island was named by Captain Cook who believed that it had a magnetic force. He may have been wrong about that, but the island is certainly a magnetic attraction for visitors these days.

Explore some of the island’s 23 bays and beaches enjoying spectacular snorkelling in the company of tropical fish in tantalizingly warm waters. On shore keep your eyes peeled for some of the local koalas who belong to the largest colony in the north of Australia. After a wondrous morning spent swimming and exploring the island, head back to Townsville where your lunch and next activity is awaiting you.

Get all the essentials from in town and head to the Billabong Sanctuary wildlife park for a barbecue lunch in their grounds. The sanctuary is located just twenty minutes to the south of Townsville and is home to hundreds of native animals on 25 hectares. What more enjoyable and more Aussie lunch could you have than an out doors BBQ surrounded by some of our much loved local marsupials, mammals, reptiles and birdlife? The sanctuary has a strong focus on conservation and has three different habitats to be seen - wetlands, eucalypt forest and rainforest. You can see one of the northern part of the country's rarest animals the cassowary and plenty of other native animals. Organising a cuddle session with a koala or wombat. Read more about Townsville in a day.

Located on the northern Queensland coast, Townsville is a beautiful city which has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Of historic significance for its hosting of Australian and American defence forces during World War II, Townsville offers a variety of museums, memorabilia, antiques, arts, crafts and curios.

Townsville is the stepping stone to Magnetic and Orpheus Islands - visually stunning islands yet not overcrowded by tourists and commercialisation. With white sandy beaches and gently warmed waters lapping at the shoreline you'll feel the first breath of paradise. Exotic fish and birds can be found if you quietly observe them and the colours of the aquatic life and surrounding flora and fauna are exquisite. Diving and snorkelling day trips and tours are available in abundance, or try your hand at fishing and catch a sumptuous reef fish for your supper.

Back on the mainland, Townsville will spoil you for choice with its eateries, bars, clubs and entertainment. There are multiple food and drink festivals including the Australian Italian Festival which offers up tasty samples of many varieties of food. Also worth a visit is the Pacific Blue Winery where you can sample local speciality wines.

Castle Hill is another gemstone in Townsville's treasure chest - a red rock monolith in the centre of Townsville where panoramic views of the city are laid out before you.

Townsville is a fantastic base for any visitor wanting to see some of the unspoilt parts of Australia . From this region you can travel out to the Outback, various rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef . Expect mild winters and hot summers in Queensland , perfect for exploring this exquisite area of Australia. Download the Townsville travel guide for Townsville tourist information.


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