Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Townsville Backpackers

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Townsville has a number of Backpackers and Hostels which are very good value. Please use the search engine to locate and book. Only part paymet is made!



Townsville is a coastal town located in Queensland , north of Brisbane and south of Cairns. Its climate is described as dry, tropical and seasonal. You can expect heavy rainfall and some thunder storms if you visit between November and March and little to no rain for the rest of the year. The nice thing about Townsville is that when it does rain its usually brief and it brings relief on a hot day. Getting caught in a shower is part of the fun of the tropics and when its over, the sun always shines through again.

Townsville is a popular destination with backpackers exploring the east coast. Whilst Townsville is the largest town between the Sunshine Coast and Cairns its size and pace are a lot slower than those of Brisbane and Cairns . It retains the vibe of a coastal town with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere whilst being big on things to do. Whilst Townsville is a regional centre for the north eastern region of Queensland its also big on tourism and if you are visiting you will find lots of options for hanging out and relaxing in the city.

Townsville provides a range of accommodation options whether you are on a budget or are ready to splurge. Backpackers have hostels to choose from and these are a great place to connect with other travelers and to get inside tips on the best tours and activities around Townsville and the region itself.

What is great about Townsville is that not only do you have the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef on your doorstep but you also have rainforests and the outback beckoning you. There are a plethora of activities all designed to put you in touch with the natural beauty of this region so whether you want to explore by land or sea you will have a great time in Townsville.

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