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Sydney Harbour National Park

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Sydney Harbour National Park encompasses the harbour, foreshores and islands of NSW's capital city. There are parklands rich in scenery, beaches and areas of bushland supporting a surprisingly diverse range of flora and fauna. The area is also rich in history and culture. Take one of the many available walks and you will be able to view Aboriginal sites, historic maritime and military installations. There are a number of guided tours available, both on foot and by boat.

There are clean and pretty beaches for surfing and swimming and there are some excellent scuba diving spots around the North and South Heads.

It is possible to stay in self catering cottages within the National Park. There are plenty of well-equipped picnic spots; one of the more popular being Nielsen Park, which benefits from a sheltered beach and shady grounds.

There are several bus routes and ferries which will take you to the various areas which comprise Sydney Harbour National Park.

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