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Located on the bay of Risby Cove at the head of the huge Macquarie Harbour, is the former logging and mining town of Strahan founded in 1883. The town attracts thousands of visitors annually due to it's proximity to one of Tasmania's natural wonderlands, the Gordon River.

Strahan is popular tourist town as it offers coastal outlooks and many fishing and watersports activities. Macquarie Harbour opens to the sea via the narrow Hell's Gate.

Hogarth Falls
This is a pretty area and a good forty minute walk from the township taking in views of the cove as you go.

Gordon River Cruises
One of the major tourist attractions of Strahan is the chance to see a true wilderness heritage area. These cruises travel to the lower reaches of the Gordon River, and offer scenic stops along the way. Some of the cruises are full day with meals included. Gordon River Cruises (03 6471 7187), World Heritage Cruises (03 6471 7174).

Macquarie Harbour
This is known as Tasmania's largest natural harbour and has a history of wood and coal transportation as well as being a penal colony. Now fishing fleets operate from here as well as the tour vessels that cruise up the Gordon River to the famous Wilderness World Heritage areas.

Ocean Beach
A 40km long beach with Muttonbirds nesting in the burrows in the dunes.

Sarah Island
This eerie island has a brutal history due to the fact that is was penal settlement in the 1800's. Boat cruises are available to the Island.

Strahan Wharf Centre
This modern centre constructed of glass and wood houses seven fascinating murals that depicts the history of Tasmania. There are many other historical displays of the local history as well. Next door is an outdoor amphitheater where a play about the plight of the Sarah Island convicts is performed in the Summer months (03 6471 7622).

Swan Basin State Reserve
Here you will find walking trails, a look out and picnic areas. Located south of Strahan near Ocean Beach.

Zeehan is close by and the home of the Pioneers Museum an exhibition of the history of the West Coast.

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