Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Parkes developed as a gold town after 1862 and originally called Bushmans. The name Parkes was from Henry Parkes the governor of New South Wales who visited in 1973. Parkes is 120km south of Dubbo.

Motor Museum
Vintage vehicles and arts and craft. Dalton Street.

Parkes Radio Telescope
This famous telescope was the first to transmit Neil Armstrong’s first images of his walk on the moon. The popular movie the “The Dish” tells the story of that event. Below the dish is a geochron clock that traces nightfall worldwide. Parkes is known to be the the most perfectly aligned place on earth to accurately track time globally. (02 6861 1777)

Pioneer Park Museum
This museum displays ploughs, tractors and all the bits and pieces need to survive in pioneer times. A highlight is the mechanical harness racer. (02 6862 5388)

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