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Mackay Weather

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Mackay’s average monthly summer rainfall is 264mm compared to just 45mm in winter.
Summer brings the cyclone season and on average between December and April 43 tropical cyclones will pass within 100km of the city. Tropical thunderstorms are common at this time of year and Mackay on average, experiences 17 storm days per year.

In 1987 Mackay experienced its wettest January on record when 1034mm of rain fell.
There is no real Autumn as such, but temperatures do cool, humidity drops and rainy days start to disappear.
The region is prone to flooding during summer months and the Pioneer River has a long record of bursting its banks, one of the worst occasions recently being in 2008.
Winter days in Mackay are warm and sunny, while the nights can be cool - especially inland - away from the coast.
Maximum daytime temperatures will reach 25C with minimums of 13-14C at night.
During winter months fog is also common inland, especially where daytime temperatures have reached mid to upper 20s and then dropped to as low as 4C at night.

Clike here the official Macky weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.

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