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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Mackay Islands

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Brampton Island
A 400 hectare National Park island with beaches at the southern entrance of the Whitsunday Passage. There is a resort on the island and day trips to the island not the resort are possible. Brampton Island is about 32km Northwest of Mackay and can be reached by boat from the Mackay Marina daily, this trip takes about an hour and a quarter.Or you can go by helicopter charter, which leaves from the airport. Once there you can snorkel at Sandy Beach and view some pretty coral, or try out the great walking trails.

Carlisle Island
Joined to Brampton Island at low tide. Carlisle Island has basic camping facilities.

Newry Island Group
A group of islands 50km off the coast from Mackay the largest island being Rabbit Island.

Keswick Island
Keswick Island is fringed by colourful coral reefs and white sandy beaches with some accommodation available. St Bees Island is close to Keswick Island and good for viewing koalas.

Scawfell Island
60 kilometres north east of the Mackay coast with a turtle nesting area. Bush camping is available on the island.
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