Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Lilydale, Tasmania, is known for its traditional English gardens.  It is located about 28 km. northeast of Launceston near Mount Arthur.  It is a small village with only about 300 residents.  Lilydale, located in the Tamar Valley, used to be called Germantown.  There are many interesting things to see and do near this little town.

Hollybank Forest
The Hollybank forest near Lilydale is a nice place for a family picnic and football game.  To get an even closer, birdseye view of the forest, tourists can take a ride strapped into a seat that slides on a cable.  This ride, called the Hollybank Treetops Adventure, takes about three hours to complete.  The cables connect platforms on the trees, which are called "cloud stations."

Bridestowe Lavender Farm
The Bridestowe lavender farm was established in 1922.  It is one of the one of the largest commercial producers of lavender flowers and oil in the world.  The acres of purple flowers bloom in December and January, and make a spectacular sight and heady fragrance.  There is a visitor center with informative displays and products for sale.  The farm is located at nearby Nabowla.


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