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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

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Hobart weather
Hobart has a temperate climate with four seasons. In the winter the temperatures average around 12 degrees and in the summer around 21 degrees. Rainfall is spread over most of the year.

Hobart information

Hobart Hospitals
In an emergency dial 000. The Royal Hobart Hospital is at 48 Liverpool Street (03 6222 8423).

Hobart Newspapers
The Hobart paper is "The Mercury" which goes back to 1854.

Hobart Post Office
The General Post Office is on the corner of Elizabeth and Macquarie Streets.

Hobart information

Hobart Police
The main Hobart police station is at 37 - 43 Liverpool Street. (03 6230 2111).

Hobart Tourist Office
The Hobart Tourist office is at 20 Davey Street.

The main shopping area of Hobart is along and just off Elizabeth Street, which is for pedestrians only at this point. Arcades run off to both sides offering plenty of opportunities to spend money. Another shopping street is Collins Street, which runs at right angles to Elizabeth Street.

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