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Hobart's Metro bus system can take visitors from the centre of Hobart to Seven Mile beach in the east, Fern Tree in the west, Kingston Beach to the south and Brighton up north. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver. A Metro Greencard is another way to pay for your trip, purchase a Greencard and then when you board a bus the cost of your trip is deducted from the available credit on the card.

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Concession tickets are available. Those over seventy years of age, or under sixteen years of age, can purchase the concession fare. Other categories are also entitled to concession prices. Children under five years can ride the bus for free, when accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Hobart and its surrounding areas are defined as Urban Sections for bus travel. The main city centre of Hobart is Section 1, as the bus travels away from there the section numbers increase. When purchasing a bus ticket, there are short, medium and long section tickets. The price also changes when boarding the bus before 9:00am and after. Other types of tickets include the Day Rover and Day Tripper.

If seeing the sights around the city centre, a short section ticket would be required. When catching the Metro bus from Hobart to go to the Cadbury Factory tourist attraction, a long section bus ticket could be needed.

The time between buses does change during the day, for the above example of going from Hobart to the Cadbury Factory in Claremont, a bus comes along approximately every forty minutes.

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