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Hobart banks

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Banks in Hobart are generally open 9:30am-4pm Monday to Thursday and from 9:30am to 5pm on Fridays. ATM cards can be used in Hobart at both Automatic Teller Machines and at participating retail locations, so long as they either have the CIRRUS, PLUS or STAR international ATM mark or the Interlink or Maestro POS mark.

Travellers should contact their bank at home for information on the availability and service charges. The most commonly accepted credit cards in Hobart are American Express, Bankcard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and BarclayCard. Banks are the best places for exchanging cash and traveller’s cheques it is commonly known that Hobart banks are generally better than the foreign exchange shops in the city centre, the banks generally have the best rates available and transactions are sometimes commission-free.

There are seven banks in Hobart Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth, National Australia Bank, Bank Of Queensland and B& E Personal Banking.

Westpac National Australia Bank
28 Elizabeth Street 76 Liverpool Street +61 1800 068 043 +61 13 22 65

Commonwealth Bank ANZ
109 Collins Street 40 Elizabeth Street (03)1800 811 446 +61 13 13 14 ‎

Bank Of Queensland
46 Murray Street (03) 6214 0700

TravelEx is Hobart airport's one and only facility to exchange your foreign money upon arrival. TravelEx can exchange your traveller's cheques and you can also buy your phone cards from these shops.

For anyone coming to Hobart from overseas it is best to open your account within the first six weeks of arrival this means you won't have to go through the 100 point system and will only have to show your passport to open your account, after six weeks you will have to show more than just your passport you will need documents like your drivers license that will get you 40 points and student, credit and I.D cards are 20 points each, your passport and birth certificate are worth 70 points each.

The biggest plus when opening your account is that you will then require an Aussie-issued card which will work in every ATM machine in Hobart, for visitors who have arrived and have not yet opened your Australian account it is more than likely your card will work in the ATMs but with a withdrawal fee and a fee when you go back home.

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