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Located at the southernmost point of Australia are Tasmania and its capital, Hobart . Hobart is Australia 's second oldest city ( Sydney is the oldest) and Australia 's smallest capital city. The combination of history and size are two of the first things that stand out in Hobart . Another standout feature is the beauty of the natural landscape, from the Derwent River at the heart of the city to the magnificent Mount Wellington which overlooks it.

The other thing that you will notice here is that Hobart is a culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city with a thriving arts scene and it all comes to together beautifully each Saturday at the Salamanca Markets, where it's possible to lose yourself for hours shopping and soaking in the atmosphere. Added to this is a great collection of restaurants and cafes which pride themselves on offering the best of Tasmania's produce, from Salmon to wonderfully creamy cheeses, so add eating to you list of things to do.

Anytime of year is a good time to visit Hobart however a much loved event is the Hobart to Sydney Yacht Race held each year at Christmas. Starting in Sydney the race ends with a party in Hobart and it's a great time to be in the city. Fishing the Derwent is another popular activity and if catching them isn't your thing, grab yourself some fish and chips and enjoy them on the Wharf.

Hobart is Tasmania's largest city, an ideal center for exploring the surrounding country side, Hobart's main attraction is its surrounding wilderness, but it is also the location of the famous Cadbury chocolate factory and cascade brewery, both of which offer tastings. Increased interest in the hostel industry has provoked a number of new hostels, as well as new variations improvements, standards and regulations. Hostels have become a lucrative and competitive industry despite at one point being lumped in the same category as flophouses, homeless shelters or halfway houses, mostly because of the obvious similarities they share, shared accommodation, very little staff, a curfew that many hostels had. However competition in the industry has provoked new, high quality accommodations in professional and safe environments, not just for travellers and backpackers anymore.

A typical hostel will consists of a dorm rooms where all visitors and travellers sleep and interact, there will usually be anywhere from two to ten people per room, a shared bathroom, and a shared kitchen, hostels are essentially self operated, that is the guests who are currently staying at that hostel will determine who does what or how the hostel will operate.

There are a number of Hobart hostels and when looking for a hostel there are a few things to consider. Does the hostel have website? This may appear minor, but a website suggests that A) it is professional and B) It is commercial. This means you can expect it to have standards and safety measure if you are unsure about spending a night with strangers. But more pragmatically a website will allow you to know that that specific hostel exists and will provide some information on what its interior is like, and perhaps most importantly what the prices are. Where is it? It's important that you consider the hostels location, ensure that it is close to the attractions you wish to see, but also, it should have bars, restaurants and nightclubs nearby, specifically targeted towards backpackers and youth. The best location in Cairns to find a hostel is around the city center, this is the most residential area, within walking distance from the local bus terminal making it easier to access transportation, as well as cafe's, bars and other amenities that your hostel may not provide. Do you require internet, fancy a television? Not all hostels provide these utilities. Finally, customer service, what's the service like? What are the staff like? What services do they provide? What safety measures do they provide? Do they provide lockers and locks to store away belongings? Is the hostel for youth? Adults? Elderly? Do they have temporary jobs to allow you to pay for your trip as you go? While Hobart does not have as great a selection of hostels to choose from as Sydney or Adelaide, there are a few hostels that stand out that are worth checking out. One of those hostels is the Hobart Hostile in Australia. This is a relatively new hostel in an older looking building, it is complete with laundry facilities, a fully equipped kitchen, a television lounge, as well as internet access, all starting at a low price of $21 dollars a night. This is almost indisputably the best hostel to stay in, in Hobart, less than ten minutes from the city center and bus terminal, surrounded by shops, and pubs, nightclubs and other amenities.
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