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Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road south of Melbourne was built to provide employment for returning soldiers from the Great War. The road is cut into the cliff face in many parts alongside the ocean. A road of 175 km running between Torquay and Warrnambool (South end). There are many entry points to shorten the distance and make it a day trip from Melbourne. This road trip is one of the world's most spectacular coastal drives, with the road often being the only thing separating the mountains from the beaches. There are several seaside towns to stop and walk around, dine or stay at on your drive. However, a word of warning, this road has one of the highest rates for accidents in Australia. It is hilly and winding and in peak tourist seasons traffic is at a crawl as cars and tourist buses travel through.

Great Ocean Road

Below are the towns you will encounter going from Torquay to Warrnambool, the official end, on the southwest coast.

Torquay at the eastern end of the Great Ocean Road is a well known surfing location. Torquay is home to the top label surf brands, Ripcurl and Quicksilver, and has a very popular outlet section in the middle of town that is always very busy. Bells Beach hosts the Rip Curl Pro Classic each Easter but is for advanced surfers, but also a great spot for spectators of the sport.

Lorne is located on the Erskine River and surrounded by sea and forest ranges. It is a very popular holiday resort and offers incredibly scenic views to it's visitors. Highlights of Lorne are the Esrkine Falls, Pennyroyal Valley and Lorne Angahook State Park. Lorne is also a popular place for upmarket retreats and holiday accommodation.

Apollo Bay
Apollo Bay at the base of the Otway Mountains and is one of the three major centres located on the Great Ocean Road. At Cape Otway National Park are the remains of the ancient rainforest. Other parks that can be accessed from Apollo Bay are Otway Ranges Forest Park and the Melba Gully State Park.

Lavers Hill
Lavers Hill is the highest point on the Ocean Road at 455 metres. This very small town with outlying rural areas is known for it's spectacular Tree Tops Walk

Port Campbell
Port Campbell known for its fishing, and particularly for its crayfish and abalone. There is also a beach and there is surfing and, of course, there is no shortage of wrecked vessels for those who like diving. Port Campbell is known to be the heart of the Great Ocean Road due to it's spectacular coastline, where you can view the famous 12 Apostles, Lochard Gorge and the site of London Bridge which partially collapsed in 1990.

The Twelve Apostles are just east of Port Campbell are rock stacks demonstrating the power of the sea, for all of the surrounding cliffs have been worn away, leaving only these stacks composed of harder rock standing sentinel out at sea. There is a visitor's centre that explains how the rocks were formed.

Warrnambool is at the end of the Great Ocean Road and surrounded by lush hinterland. The beaches at Warrnambool are popular in the summer months and provide good surfing. Because of it's location, hugging the Southern Ocean coast line, it has taken on the tag of Windy Warrnambool, due to the gusty southerly winds encountered through this area.

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