Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale

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Alpenrail consists of a model Swiss village and railway and is located in the north of the city not far from the Cadbury factory. 82 Abbotsfield Road, West Claremont.


Cascade Brewery
The Cascade Brewery is Australia's oldest brewery, founded in 1824, and is another example of splendid nineteenth century architecture, especially as it stands against the backdrop of Mt. Wellington. There is a small museum here and outside there are some fine gardens, with tours available. 140 Cascade Road.

Cadbury Factory
North of the city is the Cadbury Factory, established in 1921. This factory uses over a million litres of milk a week. Tours are available. Cadbury Road (03 6249 0333)

Bonorong Wildlife Park

Tahune airwalk

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