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Runnymede is an important part of Hobart's history, the National Trust of Australia's property allows visitors to see how life was in Tasmania in the 1800s. The home was constructed in the 1830s. It was named after a ship, the Runnymede which was a barque that was built in Hobart in 1849.

At Runnymede there is more than just the large historical house to see, as well as a coach house and stable and also a cottage there are large collections of items belonging to the inhabitants from over the years. The former owners include a ship's Captain and also a Bishop.

During the year, there are different tours of Runnymeade for visitors to enjoy. For most of the year, the Uncovering The Truth at Runnymede tour is run, taking a detailed look at the building, its history and restoration. During April, May and June there is the Paddock To Plate tour. This tour looks at the food of the region, food preparation over the years and also the dining etiquette that would have been prevalent at Runnymede a century ago.

Runnymede is located at 61 Bay Road, New Town, Hobart. The drive from the centre of Hobart to Runnymede takes approximately ten minutes. Visitors can use a Tasmanian Metro bus to travel to Runnymede.











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