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Hobart Transport

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Transport from the Airport
If you arrive in Hobart from another state, you will be arriving by air. There is an airport bus which will deliver you to wherever you want to go in the city The distance is eighteen kilometres.

Long-distance Buses
If you arrive from within Tasmania, it will be by bus. There are two major bus companies in Tasmania – Tasmanian Redline and TassieLink. The Tasmanian Redline Bus Terminal is at the south-western edge of the city centre in Collins Street. It is within easy walking distance of most accommodation and of the city centre. The TassieLink Bus Terminal is located at 64, Brisbane Street, and is even more central.

TassieLink offers an Explorer Pass for use within Tasmania, giving unlimited travel for various numbers of days.

The pass does not include travel on the routes operated to Scotts Peak and Cockle Creek in summer only, but these can be travelled by payment of supplements.

Hobart transport

TassieLink also offers some special fares for bushwalkers, so that one may travel by bus to Lake St. Clair, walk to Cradle Mountain and then take the bus either on to Launceston or back to Hobart at a discounted rate, for example. One may also take a bus to Scotts Peak, walk to Cockle Creek and catch a bus back to Hobart, or vice versa, using a special fare.

Suburban Transport
There is, unfortunately, no longer any suburban rail service in Hobart, or any passenger rail service at all, or indeed any passenger rail service anywhere in Tasmania. Therefore, all travel is by bus. City buses are operated by Metro. Although the services are quite good and comprehensive, after 18:00 buses are infrequent or non-existent, so remember to start your journey home before then. Services are also much reduced at the weekend, especially on Sundays.

Slightly longer distance services are operated by Hobart Coaches, which company is, in fact, now owned by Metro. Hobart Coaches operates to Kingston and beyond in the south, to Richmond in the east and to New Norfolk in the north. Fares are charged by distance.

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